Birdkids - The Bateleur 42HP

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  • Manufacturer: birdkids

The Bateleur - 42HP is a complete modular Synthesizer that is build only with the high quality Birdkids modules. It is a quite thoughtful and very playable combination of functions embedded in a beautiful Frap Tools Plus case.

  • USB Power Supply with integrated USB-Midi to CV/Gate/Clock-Interface
  • Digital A(H)DSR envelope with loop and retrigger function and three speeds. Above that you can use it in linear, exponential and logarithmic characteristic
  • The Bateleur VCO MK2 - the analog heart of the system. A masterpiece of it's own that was made even better in the MK2 Version. It now includes a dedicated LFO- and syncmode. Regarding the filter oscillation you can now also decouple the normalisation to the v/oct of the oscillator which gives you very interesting results when using Sync and FM 
  • VCO Expander MK2 - expands the functionality of the Bateleur with VCA, resonance and cutoff cv with attenuators and a very useful headphone output
  • 4 channel mixer with integrated white noise source

Frap Tools Plus - a very stable aluminium case in 42HP and beautiful wooden side panels

Inputs: USB, 3,5 jacks Midi Input
Outputs: Pitch-cv, mod wheel cv, velocity cv, gate, clock

gate input, gate output

Inputs: 1v/octave, PWM-cv, FM
Outputs: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, sub oscillator

Input, Output, cuttoff cv input

Filter CV for cutoff
FM Input for VCO
VCA: input, output, cv input
headphone output

4 inputs, white noise output, mix output

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