Dreadbox Alpha - Paraphonic Dual Envelope + Midi to CV Converter

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  • Model:
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Manufacturer: Dreadbox

2 ADSR envelope generators with offset depth control, rate switch (fast-slow)
MIDI to CV gate and paraphony Convertor (with seperate Glide controls)
Modulation Wheel to CV Convertor
DIP switch for Midi Channel Select / Envelope retrigger / Unison-Paraphony

technical details

Envelope Out: -8V up to 8V, depending on level’s position
Gate Out: 0-5V
CV1 /CV2: 0-5V (5 octaves tracking)
Pitch Wheel: +/- 1 octave
Gate In: accepts up to 12V and activation starts at 1V
22 HP

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