Synthesis Technology - E355 Morphing Dual LFO

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The E-355 is a dual wavetable LFO that can generate 10000 waveforms using the unique morphing technology known from the morphing terrarium.
The two LFOs are not independent of each other, rather LFO1 is the master and the second one has either the same frequency, phase and/or waveform, depending on the setting.
The E355 uses the same technology as the Morphing Terrarium and interpolates from one waveform to the next in 4096 steps. The module accesses a waveform memory consisting of three banks: Basic waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth up and down, pulses with 25%, 50% and 75% pulse width and noise.
Waves from bank A, but read out at speeds from x1 to x8. This allows to extend the frequency range of the LFO up to 1000 Hz and use the module as a limited audio oscillator. 64 unusual waveforms like arpeggiator and sequencer sequences, percussive sounds, phase modulations etc.

In audio, these waves can sound very rough and dirty. LFO1 is quasi the master LFO, whose frequency, waveform and phase are freely adjustable. It influences LFO2 in different ways depending on the switch position: different frequency but same phase and waveform as LFO1 different waveform but same frequency and phase as LFO1 same speed and waveform but variable phase from 0-360° The frequency range of the E355 extends from 12 minutes for one period to 1000Hz; a toggle switch selects the frequency range. Two LEDs indicate the level of the LFOs with a resolution of 128 steps of brightness. The SYNC gate input is used to reset the LFOs and HOLD freezes the outputs.

HP: 14

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