Dreadbox Omikron - dual oscillator

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  • Model:
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Manufacturer: Dreadbox

2 oscillators with 4 waves each
Pulse Width modulation input
Audio interface
- Sub wave generator
– Audio to Gate generator
– Audio to Sync convertor
Audio can sync the VCO

technical details

In: works with any level of instrument and above
Out: Sends the Clean to Sub level at a max 5Vpp, depending on the setting
Sync: sends 10Vpp pulse, matching with the frequency of the Audio Input
Gate: sends 0-5V pulse

All waves are 10Vpp
PW: accepts +/-5V
CV: 1V/oct tunable, accepts +/-12V
Osc Frequency Range: No limitations
22 HP

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