Noise Engineering - Manis Iteritas (black)

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  • Manufacturer: Noise Engineering

Manis Iteritas is a 10HP voice based on the architecture of Basimilus Iteritas,
but designed to be more gritty and aggressive. It accomplishes this by using
only sawtooth waves that are manipulated, modulated, and distorted through a
rethought interface. Manis is suitable for leads, bass lines, drums, darkness,
detuned madness, or pure mayhem.

The Pitch encoder knob and CV input adjusts the pitch of the fundamental
oscillator. Default is fine mode: steps are sub-perception so MI is difficult to
bump out of tune. Push and turn for coarse adjustment: each step is a semitone.
CV input is a 1v/8va standard input. The knob sums with the CV input.

The low-pass Filter tracks pitch; fully CCW only very low frequencies pass
through. Turn fully CW to disable. MI uses two 2-pole non-resonant Filters.

A simple AD envelope control that shapes the amplitude of the signal. Fully
CCW, the signal is a short pop. As the knob is turned CW, the decay increases. At
about two o’clock the attack time will increase slightly as well. When fully CW,
the envelope no longer affects the amplitude (free-running mode). In this mode,
a trigger in or manual trigger will hard-reset the oscillator.

Saw Mod
Sounds similar to PWM or sync mod. The operation performed is
frac((2*s+1)*x) where s is the knob+jack and x is the current oscillator

As the Profundity knob is turned CW, 1. MI adds additional,
out-of-phase oscillators for a chorus effect; and 2. MI detunes the voice. is
is achieved by randomly modulating the sample rate, which results in
the perceived pitch becoming blurry.

A gnarly wave-folder replacement, Smash is a modulus-function wave destroyer.
The knob sets the level of destruction.

Routes the envelope to Smash, Profundity, and LPF. This knob acts as an
attenuverter where 12:00 is off, right of center is positive send, left of center is a
negative send.

Mode: S/L/M
Selects the mode:
S (left): Six-oscillator additive
L (middle): Six-oscillator additive with pitch envelope
M (right): Two 3-operator phase-modulated oscillators

Range: B/A/T
The range switch sets the lowest note. Each position is two octaves above its left
neighbor.(Bass, Alto, and Treble).

Triggers the start of the sound. It responds to the rising edge of a trigger and has
a threshold of around 3V.

Momentary switch to manually trigger MI.

The out is a low-impedance audio source. The output varies based on parameters
as MI compensates for loudness.

CV Inputs
All parameters are CV-able. Knobs act as offsets unless stated otherwise. MI
expects an incoming voltage of 0-5 v for non-pitch parameters and 0-8 v for

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