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  • Manufacturer: SnazzyFX

Kick_Me delivers - you might guess it - Kick Drums. It would not be SnazzyFX if it would sound like the next TR-X0X Drum. Of course, it just needs a Trigger to do its work.

The module has two seperate outputs. Output A delivers the main Kick Drum while output B delivers an extra Sub-Bass that can be added with a mixer. The parameters influence on another, so Kick_Me is a module that wants to be explored. These are the parameters:

Pitch: Regulates the Pitch
Beater: Forms the initial kick sound
Damp: Regulates the resonance of the kick
Decay: Control over decay on output A
Kick B: Control over decay on output B
Clip: Adding a clipping circuit, so things get more rough 

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