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The modul TT/CO/CL 522 is an enhanced circuit was used before in the MFB 522, Tanzbär Lite and Tanzbär drum machine. 
As modular concept you have the possibility to control the parameter DECAY, TUNE and PITCH (only Tom/Conga) via CV-signals from Envelopes, LFOs and Step Sequencers. 
The unit can be triggered by different signals. 
Beside sequencer generated analog and digital trigger-signals drum pads, piezo pickups and dynamic mics may also be used. Here the SENS controls allow individual adjustment of the input sensitivity. Dynamic triggers also change the volume, tone lenght and pitch. 
The functions of Tom/Conga in detail:
DECAY adjusts the decay time up to one second.
TUNE sets the frequency of the TOM from 80 to 150 Hz (CONGA 120 to 200 Hz). 
PITCH controls the duration and intensity of the pitch envelope.
ATTACK sets the click transient of the Tom/Conga.
To switch between TOM and Conga a trigger impulse is needed. 
The functions of Clave in detail:
DECAY adjusts the decay time. TUNE calibrates the CLAVE between 800 and 1500 Hz.
The modul provides the new developed M-Bus connection. Midi signals can control following destinations: 
Trigger MIDI Note Tom #41 or #43, Conga #63 or #64, Clave #76 or #77, switchable, with Velocity. Controller values for Decay, Tune and Pitch (not for Clave).
The modul has a wide of 60 mm (12 HP). 

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