Radikal Technologies - RT-311 Swarm Oscillator

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  • Manufacturer: Radikal Technologies

The RT-311 Swarm Oscillator is a DSP-based dual oscillator with infinitely variable waveforms. The frequency of the left oscillator can be adjusted continuously, or in semitones and octaves, while the right oscillator is detuned from the left to achieve beats. Both are tonal playable via a common 1V/Oct input. The Scale control can also be used to assign different keys to the input.
Both VCOs have a separate linear FM input with attenuator and can be synchronized at the touch of a button. Where we can control the pulse wave width with conventional oscillators, we find here the TLM (time linearity modulation), with which the half wave width of each waveform can be adjusted. 

Now 7 additional copies of each oscillator can be made and tuned against each other, resulting in 16 oscillators oscillating at the same time. In addition, the intervals between the oscillator copies can be quantized to chords. Drones, surfaces and beatings without end!
All parameter settings can be stored in so-called snapshots and cross-fade manually, via internal LFO or CV, hard or soft as desired. A smart feature here is the data jack. Via this output, a fixed CV can be output to any parameter of other modules, which of course is also saved in the snapshot - the external parameter is also interpolated.


Inputs: 1 V/Octave, FM-O1, FM-O2, Speed, Position

Outputs: Data, Out 1, Out 2


3 U Eurorack module, 32 HP wide, 30 mm deep

Current consumption: 250 mA to +12 V and 40 mA to -12 V 

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