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ONE is a very powerful and easy to use sample player for your eurorack-system. Tiptop focussed on processing speed and audio quality (up to 24bit and 96kHz) which makes it very useful for all sort of percussion and drums. But not only.

The samples can be loaded on an SD Card in .wav format very easily and there are no restrictions regarding length. You can use very short samples (less than a second) and go up to very long ones (even more than an hour - depending on SD card memory and sampling quality).

There are three modes how the module uses incoming CV:

  • Quantized Pitch (default) - pitch shifting occures in western 12tone scale over 3.5 octaves
  • Free Pitch - as you might think, unquantized pitch shift
  • File Select - CV controlled sample choice

4 modes on how it handles the playback

  • Trigger Mode (default) - the sample is played back as a One-Shot when a trigger occures
  • Fade Mode - also a One-Shot mode but with fade in/out at beginning and end of sample to avoid clicks
  • Gate Mode - the sample is played as long a the gate is high and stops when gate is low
  • Looping Mode - sample is looped when a trigger occures and is retriggered by every following trigger

A nice bonus feature is that you can even load low frequency waveforms like lfos or envelopes (imagine a looped and pitch shifted lfo).

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