Synthesis Technology - E580 Mini Delay

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First, the versatile E580 Resampling Mini-Delay offers three modes of operation: a clean and clear sounding digital delay, the simulation of a bucket brigade delay (BBD) and the simulation of a tape echo device.

The "BBD" mode emulates, without having to rely on rare and expensive ICs, the characteristic artifacts of this technology: transposition effects when modulating the delay time, time-dependent audio bandwidth and the noise behavior.

Tape mode simulates tracking, tape saturation and non-linear distortion. The size, unreliability and high maintenance of a real tape echo device are eliminated.

The wide time range of less than 0.35 ms to 750 ms, combined with the possibilities of positive and negative feedback, provides a comprehensive spectrum of delay, echo and modulation effects.

Of particular note is the "Tap" output with associated parameter. The scale from 0-100 means that a tap is available at this audio output with a delay of 0-100% of the set delay time.

At the back there is also the possibility to set a jumper to determine whether the feedback loop is formed at the signal of the Delay Out or the Tap Out.

All four controls are assigned to control voltage inputs with an operating range between +5v and -5V.

HP: 14

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