Dreadbox Lamda - multimode filter

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  • Model:
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Manufacturer: Dreadbox

Lamda is a very versatile and excellent sounding Multimode Filter with 6 different Filtertypes. It has a unique Character and gives you the typical Dreadbox Sound that you might know of their desktop synthesizer Erebus. All Dreadbox Modules are made by hand in beautiful greece.

8-pole 48dB state variable filter
Dual Resonance frequencies
Filter types
– 2pole Low Pass (single resonance frequency)
– 4pole High Pass (single resonance frequency)
– 8pole Low Pass
– 8pole High Pass
– 8pole Band Pass
– 8pole Notch
OTA Drive Circuit
Filter can be pre-driven with high input levels

technical details

Input: works best with 10Vpp signals
Cut Off Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20KHz
Cut Off CV: accepts +/-12V
Post: accepts +/-12V
VCA:  accepts +/-12V, works best at +/-5V
Output: Maximum 12Vpp, depending on the setting
20 HP

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