Synthesis Technology - E560 Deflector Shield

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  • Manufacturer: Synthesis Technology

The 14 HP wide E560 is an effect module that offers three operating modes: Thru-Zero frequency shifter, phase shifter (phaser) and ring modulator. While most frequency shifters and phasers use sine waves as carrier and modulator, the DSP-based E560 features eight different waveforms that can be continuously crossfaded to create a unique sound palette.

In "Shift" mode, like an analog frequency shifter, the "Down" and "Up" outputs are available simultaneously. The overtone content depends on the waveform set.

In ring modulator mode, the two audio outputs provide signals shifted by 90 degrees (one quadrature), interesting stereo effects are only the tip of the iceberg here.

The "Phase" mode corresponds to an 8-step phase shifter that can handle shifts from 0-360 degrees. As a special feature, the two audio outputs are again shifted by 90 degrees to create an interesting stereo image.

All four controls are assigned control voltage inputs with a working range between +5v and -5V.

HP: 14

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