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  • Manufacturer: XAOC Devices

Belgrad is a fully analog multimode filter with a dual core. It consists of lowpass, higpass, bandpass and notch characteristics and their are 10 filter types to choose where two of those characteristics are paired. What makes the Belgrad very special and quite unique is, that it features two resonance-peaks. Though there is only one resonance value control, it can be very flexible by using the balance and span parameter. With balance you are able to emphasize one or the other peak, and with span you can control the distance between the peaks. Nearly all parameters are cv controlable, span and FM have dedicated attenuators.

Soundwise, the filter is very versatile and a kind of its own. It can sound warm and cosy as well as dirty and griddy thanks to the modulation switch. You can choose between neutral behavior for the smooth sound, or you can use self- or cross-modulation to get nuts.

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