Sonocurrent - M C3A

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  • Model:
  • Manufacturer: Sonocurrent

The M C3A is an array of three voltage-controlled crossfaders. The first two stages are arranged in parallel with their outputs feeding the third, central crossfader. Creative blending of up to four input signals is possible with individual voltage control of each crossfading stage. Individual attenuators for each input are provided to set equal levels (or not…) going into the first set of crossfades. In addition to the main output, direct outputs from the initial crossfade stages are available for more elaborate sound design, or to use those stages together in parallel (stereo patches, for example).

The crossfade control voltages are also sent to separate auxiliary outputs, which will output a voltage corresponding to the manual control position in the absence of an external control signal, simplifying complex chaining of controls without an additional external multiple, or conveniently passing control voltages to another destination elsewhere in the patch.

Designed and assembled in the USA.

18HP | max. depth: 25mm | +12V: 80mA | -12V: 75mA

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