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  • Manufacturer: Endorphines

The Shuttle Mate merges MIDI streams from DIN and USB sockets into one MIDI flow which is available simultaneously at a USB and a DIN output socket, making it a perfect companion to Endorphines' Shuttle Control module. However it can also operate on its own. Since the module is USB powered it can be used totally independently as a standalone device from the Eurorack-power. 

With the Shuttle Mate you can connect more than one device that delivers clock and MIDI signals with the Shuttle Control. 

The inbound and outbound USB connectors are both bi-directional I/Os

technical details

width: 6HP 

3 HU, 33 mm deep 

No bus-power required - device runs fully on power delivered from outbound USB socket. 

DIN sockets: MIDI In, Out and Thru 
USB 1.0 / 2.0 sockets: inbound (USB Type A) and outbound (USB Type B)

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