BrownShoesOnly - hexadirectional crossfader

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  • Manufacturer: brownshoesonly

Hexadirectional crossfader is the bar soaked napkin offspring of brownshoesonly. originally intended as a 3x3 matrix scanner, the idea had to simplify and come out in the form of a fader. 

this fader gives you 6 crossfades on 4 inputs, each of the 6 crossfades has it’s own dedicated CV IN for controlling the crossfade threshold. in this configuration you get every possible signal combination of the original 4 inputs. 

this module will make you think differently…. about your primary signals, your patch flow, and your neighboring modules. whether you program with a design in mind or on the fly, this fader will find all the gradients you’ve been missing.

pairs well in 6u systems and larger. pairs well with doubles and triples. pairs well with Arch, VBM2, Triple LFO

Width: 18HP 
Max Depth: 36mm 

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