Soma Laboratory - Ether V2

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  • Manufacturer: Soma Laboratory

Ether V2 is an "Anti-Radio", which makes all electromagnetic radiations from Hertz to the Gigahertz range audible. In contrast to an electromagnetic sniffer, which uses only a coil and a low-frequency amplifier, Ether also incorporates classic radio circuits, such as a demodulator for retranslating high-frequency signals into the audible range. 

Built into a slim housing, it can be used almost anywhere and invites to acoustic voyages of discovery. By aligning the antenna pins, the receiver can be roughly limited and it is also worthwhile to hold the antenna pins to all possible metal struts, grids and other objects, even your own body, which then function as an extended antenna.

Ether is powered by 2 AAA batteries and has a headphone/audio output, a volume control and a high frequency gain control. The operating time with one battery charge is well over 100 hours.

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