Soma - Lyra-8 (Black Beast)

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  • Manufacturer: Soma Laboratory

Lyra-8 is a fully analog Drone-Synthesizer with a rather complex but well thought architecture that is made for live playing and exploring its territories.

8 free adjustable oscillators are the basis of its sound. They can be played seperately or in wild FM mode. Grouped into 4x2 voices, each pair can be further modified by the so called Hyper LFO (two logically connected LFOs). Also there is an envelope for each pair of oscillators. The LFO can also be replaced by an external control voltage.The signal can then be processed by the internal delay section which is a two line delay, capable of crossmodulating each other. At the end of the signal path you find an overdrive circuit. The Lyra can be played via 8 toch panels in a very expressive way. Soundwise, it can go from nice and lush moving soundscapes up to crazy noise thunderstorms. An exceptional Instrument!

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