AE Modular - 2OSC/D

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  • Model:
  • Manufacturer: Tangible Waves

The 2OSC/d module contains two 1V/octave hybrid oscillators.

Each of them has 

  • one frequency knob plus a range switch +2 octaves
  • CV input (1V / octave)
  • PWM input
  • ​SYNC input
  • Sawtooth / Square / Sub-octave output

The pulsewith knob controls either the pulsewidth of the first oscillator (with the second one having a fixed pulsewidth), or via a switch the second oscillator is also controlled by the pulsewidth knob. Both oscillators can be pulsewidth-modulated independently by their PWM inputs.

The module is designed as a hybrid digital/analog module; the oscillator frequencies are determined digitally and are therefore quite stable and have a good tracking; the output wavefom itself is created analog. It's a new idea/concept that I have implemented here; the design causes the waveform to gets a bit gritty at higher frequencies (but not "digital noise") - it's the charcter of this thing!

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