AE Modular - Nyle Filter (Steiner)

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  • Manufacturer: Tangible Waves

A Steiner filter for AE modular
The NYLE FILTER is an adaption of the Steiner Filter for the AE modular palette. It contains the classic filter curves lowpass/highpass/bandpass with adjustable filter frequency and resonance. The unique feature of this filter type is, that there are separate inputs for lowpass / highpass / bandpass (not separate outputs as with other filters). This allows quite unusual sounds, if different signals are fed into the different inputs.
Each input has its own attenuator; for frequency CV control there are two inputs with individual attenuators. Additionally, the resonance can also be CV controlled!
The sound goes from quite soft filtering with low resonance setting to a quite intense resonance peak to full self-resonance. With a switch the resonance characteristics can be switched between two options, "wild" and "tamed".

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