AE Modular - Racklink Kit

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  • Manufacturer: Tangible Waves

Connect two AE cases with RACKLINK!

The RACKLINK is a module for connecting two AE cases; the kit contains of 2 identical modules and a connector cable (length 50 cm). The modules are placed in both cases and are connected by the cable.

By this, you get the following:

The second case is powered by the first one

All bus lines (CV, GATE, CONTROL, MIDI clock/start/stop) are connected to the second case

Additionally, there are 8 connections that can be freely used; so it is not necessary to have patck connections between two cases. E.g. the second rack can run a patch for a drone sound, the output is then sent via Racklink line 1 to the first rack and here patched to a mixer, via line 2 the second rack can receive a modulation signal from the first one. The lines are bi-directional!

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