AE Modular - Springreverb (complete)

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  • Manufacturer: Tangible Waves

​The SPRINGREVERB module brings the unique sound of this quite old  (introduced in the 60ies) technique for creating reverbs to the AE modular. 
The reverb works by sending the audio signal to a set of 3 springs; at the other end of the springs the sound is picked up by a transducer, converting the mechanical movement of the springs back into an electrical signal. When the audio signal arrives at the end of the springs, the waves are reflected several times; these reflections create the reverb sound.

The spring "tank" (a metal box containing the springs and transducers, size approx. 24 x 9 x 3.5 cm) is connected externally by a cable.
​The product contains all components: The module itself, the spring tank and the connection cable.

Note: The sound of a spring reverb is quite unique and has a strong vintage character; if you are looking for a more "clean", natural sounding reverb please wait for the upcoming MULTIFX module.

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