Doepfer A-142-1 Voltage Controlled Decay/Gate

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  • Model:
  • Manufacturer: Doepfer

Module A-142-1 is a voltage controlled envelope generator. The only time parameter is decay (like TB303). 

Decay may be adjustes manual and via voltage control input (with attenuator). 

The envelope output is displayed with LED control. 

Additionally from the envelope signal a Gate signal and an inverse Gate signal with adjustable threshold is derived. 

LED control for Gate output. 

Thus one obtains a voltage controlled Gate additionally or alternatively to the envelope signal with voltage controlled duration. 

The attack time is fixed to about 0.2 ms, the shortest decay time is about 2 ms. By changing the value of a capacitor the shortest time can be modified. 

technical details

Width: 8HP 

Trigger input 
CV input 
Env. input 
Gate output 
Inverse Gate output

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