Doepfer A-145 Low Frequency Oscillator LFO

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  • Manufacturer: Doepfer

Module A-145 is a low frequency oscillator, which produces cyclical control voltages in a very wide range of frequencies. 

Five waveforms are available: sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, triangle, sine and square wave. 

The LFO can be used as a modulation source for any number of modules - for instance modulating the pulse width or frequency of a VCO, modulation of the cut-off frequency of a VCF, or amplitude modulation with a VCA. 

A three-way switch lets you select three frequency ranges, spanning from one cycle every several minutes at the lowest, to moderate audio frequency at the highest (about 4-5 kHz). 

The LFO signal can also be synchronised, via the reset input.

technical details

Breite: 8 TE 

Sawtooth output 
Inverted Sawtooth output 
Triangle output 
Sine output 
Square output 
Reset input

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