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  • Manufacturer: XAOC Devices

Batumi is a digital quad LFO with some clever and usable functionalities. First of all, each LFO can run free and independent from each other.

Above that, there are three more very useful modes where the LFOs are synchronized to each other. In these modes, LFO 1 acts as a master regarding to frequency.

  • Quadrature: LFOs 2-4 are following LFO 1 - each 90 degrees shifted in its phase
  • Phase: Phase shifting of LFO 2-4 can be set individually using the sliders
  • Divide: LFO 2-4 can be set to different divisions of LFO 1 frequency

Also, the LFOs are syncable to a clock signal (alternatively you can use jumpers on the back of the module to set the function to the more classical "reset" behavior). 
Each LFO of the Batumi has three dedicatet outputs, providing sinewave-, sawtooth- and puls-output. Sawtooth-Output can be altered to alternative waveforms by changing jumper settings on the back of the module. XAOC is also offering a breakout module called "Poti" to bring these functions to the front panel.

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