Doepfer A-118-2 - Noise / Random / T&H / S&H

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  • Manufacturer: Doepfer

Module A-118-2 generates the signals white noise, colored noise, continuous random voltage and stepped random voltage. The noise signal is generated 100% analog by amplification of the noise of a transistor. White and colored noise are usually used as audio sources. The random voltages are normally used as control voltages (e.g. for filter frequency or any other voltage controlled parameter).
The A-118-2 gives you the ability to mix the relative amounts of Red and Blue noise (low/high frequency component) in the colored noise output.
For the continuous random voltage the rate of change (Rate) and amplitude (Level) of the random voltage can be adjusted.
The continuous random voltage is used as source for the S&H/T&H unit. The type of operation can be set to S&H (sample and hold) or T&H (track and hold). When T&H is chosen the output signal follows the input signal as long as the Clock input is "high". As soon as the clock signal changes to "low" the last voltage is stored. When S&H is chosen the input signal is sampled at the rising edge of the Clock signal.
For the Clock signal a "digital" signal (e.g. Clock, Gate, rectangle output of an LFO) is required. 
Dual color LEDs are used to indicates the continuous and stepped random voltages.


  • Blue: share of the high frequencies in the the colored noise output
  • Red: share of the low frequencies in the the colored noise output
  • Rate: rate of change of the continuous random voltage
  • Level: amplitude of the continuous random voltage
  • TH/SH: switches between T&H und S&H

Inputs and outputs:

  • RND: continuous random voltage output (with LED display)
  • TH/SH: stepped random voltage output (with LED display)
  • Clk: Clock input of the S&H/T&H unit
  • C Noise: colored noise output
  • W Noise: white noise output

HP : 4

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