Doepfer A-134-2 Dual Voltage Controlled Crossfader

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  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Manufacturer: Doepfer

Dual crossfader module for morphing between two audio oder CV signals.

By setting a jumper you can determine if the module will react asymmetrically to positive CVs (eg. ADSR) or symetrically to bi-directional CVs (eg. LFO) 

Due to a normalled switching jack at CV input 1 you can also control the second crossfader with it.

technical details

Width: 4HP 

CV1 input 
Input 1A (signal/audio) 
Input 1B (signal/audio) 
Output 1 (signal/audio) 
CV2 input 
Input 2A (signal/audio) 
Input 2B (signal/audio) 
Output 2 (signal/audio)

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