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  • Manufacturer: Sonocurrent

The C GF4 group fader/distributor allows a single control of up to four signals, while maintaining the relative levels set by individual attenuators on each channel. Potential applications include use as a macro controller of multiple modulation paths, a variable distributor of a modulation source or control voltage to several destinations, and a group fader control for an audio signal group or stem.

The four inputs are normalled sequentially to allow for convenient splitting of signals to multiple destinations. An internal +5V source normalled to the first input also allows use of the C GF4 as a single manual control of multiple control voltage destinations, in the absence of a patched input signal. The core module includes inverting switches for channels two and four, and a response curve switch to change the group level control from a linear to exponential response curve.

An optional 6HP expansion module adds offset controls for channels one and three, and individual mute functions for each channel. The mute functions can be activated manually or with control voltages above 2V, including gate, LFO, and envelope signals.

Designed and assembled in the USA.

C GF4: 12HP | max. depth: 25mm | +12V: 95mA | -12V: 80mA

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