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  • Manufacturer: Erogenous Tones

Visual Generator Module

Structure is a visual generator module that is based internally on an OpenGL GLSL platform. It uses the concept of node structures to push visuals through the system.

Structure contains a video input that you can select between 2 formats, Composite video or LZX 1V RGB. The Composite input does full color decoding! Input video can be mixed through effects, with other generators, affected by audio, etc.

Structure contains two mirrored video outputs, both composite.

2 Audio rate CV inputs can also be used at lower CV rate. Audio can be used to generate patterns, effect video/generated streams going through it, or even perform XY graphics.

3 CV rate inputs can be used to modulate a variety of settings on EACH node.

ALL CV can be set independently to 1V or 5V expected input. Each CV has a scale control and a positive offset control.

Joystick can be used to modulate in real time, or used to record motion information, has a metal joystick hat.

Can also generate 3D graphics, animatable, and you can put video on them!

3 gate inputs, usable by local buttons as well.

3 macro knobs on the top right, allow for global changes that are configurable.

USB input, can attach MIDI interfaces, MIDI keyboards, controllers, etc, or even a standard keyboard or numeric keypad.

SD Card on front and back, backside stores system, front side stores user presets, images, etc.

Full color 320x240 preview screen which also provides lots of feedback on settings.

650 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

38 hp

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