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  • Manufacturer: Syntonie

Entrée (pronounced [ɑ̃.tʁe], french for input) is a Component to RGB colorspace converter and Luma Processor with the following features:

Decodes SD/HD Component (YPbPr) to 1V RGBY outputs.
Y signal is normalized to the processor input which features an attenuverter (contrast) and offset (brightness), plugging a jack in the processor input will break the normalization to allow the processing of another signal.
Y pass-through RCA at the rear of the module to sync the sync generator/encoder to the external video signal.
It is an update of VU003B with a couple improvements:

Low noise switching power supply
Active attenuverter in the processor part
75R output impedance on the 1V output jacks to increase the bandwidth, resulting in a sharper picture in HD formats.
Some of those improvements can be applied to VU003B (both DIY and production versions), the modifications are detailed in this document VU003B_Modif.pdf
Get in touch by email if you’d like to have your VU003B modified.

The module is powered through standard Eurorack connector or DC barrel.


0-700mV Y, Pb, Pr, 75ohm
0-1V Processor In, 100kohm

0-1V R, G, B, Y, Processor Out, 75 ohm
0-700mV Sync Out (rear), 75 ohm

– 8HP
– 90mA +12V
– 0mA -12V
– 0mA +5V
– 45mm deep

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