CHA/V Designs - VGA4EVA (PCB only)

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  • Manufacturer: CHA/V Designs

CHA/V Designs - VGA4EVA

VGA4EVA is a hacky VGA signal generator based on Arduino, and designed as the first CHA/V expansion module. Prior to VGA4EVA, it was necessary to source a VGA test signal generator and wire it to the CHA/V. VGA4EVA replaces the test signal generators and adds some features:

  • Patchable triple filter/attenuator 
  • Background patterns and sync hackable 
  • RGB background pattern channels are independently patchable 
  • Background patterns can be used as weird oscillator sync sources   
  • Dedicated 3.5mm output jacks for horizontal and vertical sync pulses
  • No longer requires any wiring — attaches to CHA/V via pin headers

VGA4EVA is compatible with CHA/V 3.0, and also CHA/V 2.0. Previously built versions of the CHA/V 2.0 require a free adapter PCB. 

Although VGA4EVA is designed to be the brain of a CHA/V, it can also be built as a standalone device with limited functionality. As a standalone device, VGA4EVA can act as a rudimentary video encoder for audio and sync source for oscillators. 

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