Visible Signals - Xorand (PCB+Panel)

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  • Manufacturer: Visible Signals

While it may be a little bit tricky to describe what Xorand does, it is actually very easy and rewarding to use – just plug in some image or pattern signal inputs and start toggling the switches to tweak and adjust the output to your heart’s content.

Xorand works by first converting each of Xorand’s four inputs into a digital (fully on or off) signal, then combined it together with each of the other inputs in one of three ways.  An input set to AND mode acts as a filter, only allowing other signals to show through where it is “lit” (+0.5V or greater).  Inputs in XOR/OR mode are either layered over each other like overhead transparencies (OR mode) or combined so that an even number of input images that are both “lit” at the same spot cancel each other and result in an “unlit” pixel (XOR mode).  XOR mode is particularly useful for producing complex, interrelated patterns that are directly related to the inputs, but that brings balance and “negative space” to otherwise simple visual compositions.

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