Doepfer A-134-1 Voltage Controlled Panner/Crossfader

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  • Manufacturer: Doepfer

A-134 is a voltage controlled universal panning and/or crossfader module. 

If the module is used a voltage controlled Panning device one audio signal is panned to two different outputs. If the module is used a voltage controlled Crossfader two audio signals are mixed to one common output. The module enables even compositions of both functions. 

The module contains two linear high quality VCAs (made with CEM3381). VCA2 works in the opposite direction of VCA1 i.e. the more VCA1's loudness increases the more VCA2's loudness decreases. 

The panning or crossfading is adjusted with a control knob (manual control) and by two external control voltages, one equipped with an attenuator. 

Suitable control voltage sources are e.g. LFOs, envelope signals, random, Theremin or a voltage coming from an MIDI-to-CV-Interface. 

The panning/crossfading is displayed with 2 LEDs. 

A-134 has an audio input with attenuator for each VCA. 

If the audio input of VCA2 is not used the audio input of VCA1 is connected with audio in of VCA 2, i.e. the sockets are "normalled". The module has three audio outputs: Left Output (VCA1), Right Output ( VCA2) and Mix. 

For Panning applications the outputs Left Out and Right Out are used. If the module is used as as Crossfader the Mix Output functions as output. 

Module A-134 enables voltage controlled stereophonic panning effects (one audio signal distributed to two outputs), crossfading effects (two audio inputs mixed to one audio output with voltage controlled loudness proportion) and combinations of both effects.

technical details

Width: 8HP 

CV1 input 
CV2 input 
Audio input 1 
Audio input 2 
Left output 
Mix output 
Right output

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